The Lagree method uses slow and controlled movements while keeping the muscles under constant and continuous tension. The workout is designed to effectively stimulate your muscle fibers for optimal change and results. Lagree Fitness is an intense workout with little to no impact, making it both efficient and safe. You will be amazed by the changes that occur in your body when incorporating Lagree Fitness into your routine. You will see muscle definition, strength, flexibility, and balance in your body like you've never seen before. No matter your age or fitness level, this workout is for you.

Will my spot be given away if I am late?

Yes. We have limited space in class so if you are not there within 5 minutes of the start of class your space will be given to a walk-in or someone on the waitlist. If it is your first time at the studio you must arrive 10 minutes before class begins, otherwise we will have to reschedule you for a different class.

Why do I need to be early if I am new?

It is important to come at least 10 minutes early in order to have adequate time to meet your trainer, sign the waiver, and most importantly receive a full tutorial of the machine. Lagree Fitness classes can be challenging especially if you have not been prepped by your trainer. We want to put your safety and enjoyment of the class first, so please arrive early! If you are at the studio too close to the start time you will not be permitted to participate in the class.

What is your cancellation policy?

We encourage you to sign up early for class due to limited number of spaces. Bold class spots go quick, so get them while you can! If you are unable to come to a class that you signed up for, please cancel the class 8 hours prior to the class. If you cancel within the 8 hour period and have an unlimited package, you will incur a $15 late cancellation fee. You can cancel up to 1 minute before your class, if you don't show up at all you will incur a $20 late cancellation fee. If you cancel within the 8 hour period and have any other package, you will lose your class but will not recieve an additional fee.

Should I take class if I am pregnant?

We encourage you to speak with your doctor to see if it is safe for you to take a Lagree Fitness class while pregnant or not. If you have been taking Lagree classes for a while prior to being pregnant, it should be ok to take class with some modifications once you have spoken with your doctor. If you have never taken a class, you will not be able to get started at Bold until post pregnancy. Our priority is you and your baby's health and safety.  

Should I take a private session prior to my first class?

A private session is not required, but it is extremely helpful when adding Lagree Fitness classes to your regimen. Taking a few private sessions allows for one-on-one time with a trainer where you will be able to ask all of your questions and become comfortable with the Megaformer machine. If you're not sure whether to take a private or not, talk to us at the studio!

Email info@beboldstudios.com for more information or to schedule a private session!

How do i sign up For my first class?