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-Soft pretzel connoisseur 

-Never met a dance floor she didn’t like

-Co-owner of Bold

Unlike most fitness trainers, Hannah didn’t grow up as an all-star athlete. She did, however, grow up with three brothers. What she lacks in hand-eye coordination, she makes up for with grace, grit, and being scrappy. Don’t let the smile fool you; you're in for a real treat.



-Professional mom

-Gummy bear enthusiast

-Co-owner of Bold

A level 9 gymnast, an industrial engineer, and a mom of 4 walks into a bar. Oh, it’s just Ashley- because she is all of the above. To be honest, we aren’t sure what Ashley hasn’t done at this point. What we do know, is that she brings her smarts, attention to detail, and patience to every class. Perfect combination? We think so too.



-Proud dog mom
-Passionate about all things coffee
-Has climbed Kilimanjaro 

Who run the world? Girls! And Attalia. Not only has she traveled much of the world (46 countries and counting), she bought a home in the Bay Area as a  single  woman. If that's not big boss energy, we don't know what is. Attalia's not afraid to put in the work to make her dreams a reality. Here's to her boldness rubbing off on us in her next class.

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-Proficient at Irish Step Dancing, the Lindy Hop, and the Collegiate Shag
-Yoga instructor with over a decade of experience
-Licensed mortician

You like Dolly Parton, but are you a superfan? You like shoes, but do you own over 200 pairs? You like 90210, but have you seen every episode over 30 times? It's clear that Courtney is an enthusiastic person, and what's better is that she gives 100% in everything she does. This energy radiates in all facets of her life, especially in teaching. You want a safe, efficient, and strategic workout? Courtneys got you covered 100% of the time.



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-Professional amateur baker

-Is a twin

-Has a low-key obsession with Ludacris (who doesn't?)

Have you ever encountered a unicorn descending from parted clouds with a double rainbow in the background? If you've ever met Kristin, you have. The Wisconsin native loves the Megaformer and people as much as she loves baking and her cats. As a lifelong dancer, Kristin is a movement enthusiast here to guide you in building a better mind-body connection. Kristin will push you out of your comfort zone in class while still making you happy to be there. 



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-1st generation college grad (Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chicano Studies)
-Yelp Elite
-Can play the clarinet

Between running, cycling, rebounding, yoga, dancing, weight lifting, and Pilates, we are fortunate Marcie tried her first Megaformer class and fell in love. Marcie knows your Megaformer practice is about mental wellness just as much as it is about physical wellness. She combines this knowledge with her passion for empowering women and minorities and is able to create a space to uplift people and guide them to stepping into their POWER! Cheers to healthy, able, strong bodies in all shapes and sizes!



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-Black belt in Taekwondo

-Considers carrot cake a primary food group

-Has a twin in London (yes, the twin telepathy still works thousands of miles apart)

We consider ourselves lucky that Sharifa is part of Bold. Even though she's a lifelong athlete and former track star, she never thought she would be a fitness instructor. Turns out, Sharifa is capable of a lot more than she thought. Combine her passion for empowering people and communities with her competitive drive, and you've got yourself a badass with a kickass class. Sharifa is here to help you reconnect to your body and rediscover your power. The hype is real. Come experience it for yourself.

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-Marketing guru

-Loves breakfast

-Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and reality TV

Stevie is Bay Area, born and bred! She's a rare breed that knows just how special the Bay Area community is. It was her local community that motivated and inspired her when she decided to dive into group fitness classes after college. Stevie knows it takes courage to show up (especially for group fitness!), but she will meet you where you're at. She has the superpower to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. We've got hella love for our girl, Stevie.



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Do you want to take your love for Bold and the Megaformer to the next level? We are looking for one-of-a-kind individuals to guide, motivate, and energize clients. If this is you, be bold, and apply!

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